I’m Samantha Deubel, a photographer based out of Northwest Florida. I’ve officially been in business for a year now, and I am excited to share what I’ve been doing, and some behind the scenes at Samantha Deubel Photography here on this blog! I hope to show my style, share some tips, and I’ll be honest, I’m probably going to ramble on a bit from time to time about my life. Don’t you want to know a little about your photographer? No? Too bad. THIS IS ME. I’m a Mama to two fantastic little people: my toddler son Teddy and my smiley baby daughter Emberlee. You may also see pictures of my husband from time to time. He’s awesome. But I try not to talk about him too much, it would just make everyone jealous (because he’s so awesome). Ah, what else. Why did I pick up my camera? To be honest, I’ve been addicted to cameras for a while. I’ve always had a thing for those disposable cameras. My phone’s camera. Little point-and-shoot cameras. It wasn’t until my older sister let me play with her brand new DSLR camera that I was completely hooked! I got one of my own, and since then I’ve been chasing people down, and capturing magic one frame at a time.