Have you ever met someone that you just KNEW you would click with? I pretty much knew Bethany and I were going to click the minute I realized she was from the Pacific Northwest (represent! Woot woot!) and I was so right! I met Bethany a year ago, when I asked her to be my doula for my daughter’s birth. What a cool way to start a friendship right?! Well, we found out we were actually pregnant at the same time!! So right after Bethany helped me bring my baby into the world, she rushed off to an appointment to find out that she was expecting another girl! I walked into the Banning home and felt immediately at ease, especially since I was greeted by their adorable, tiny little pup Beatrice. Hanging out with Bethany, Doug, and their sweet daughters Evelyn and Ingrid was so comfortable and fun. I could tell that their home is filled to the brim with love and fun. Miss Ingrid showed off her new crawling skills, and Evelyn impressed me with her puzzling skills! I just loved watching Doug and Bethany laugh and talk and remind their sweet toddler how important it is to use kind words (parenting done right!) Lots of love to you Banning family! I loved capturing your story!